January 26th – February 1st

Tuesday French Fried Comedy Night, 9:15pm @ the Paname Art Café Luke Thompson hosts, with Robert HoehnCharles Pellegrin, Julie Haddad K, Khaldoun Hosni, Ryan McMichael, and headliner Alexander van Walsum. Wednesday Carrsambar, 9:00pm @ Carr’s Irish Pub For the most diehard fans, this is the best place to see raw, unhinged and gut-punching comedy. It is a safe space for comedians who want to try fresh and never-heard-before material, work out the kinks or just get started in the business. Friday  The Melting Pot Comedy Night, 8pm @ The SoGymnase Comedy Club Melting Pot Final The Sogymnase’s bi-monthly open mic is back this week, hosted by Sebastian Marx. This week’s line up is Kelli Strong, David Martin, Benjamin Croll, Khaldoun Hosni, Fred Eyangoh and Vanessa Kayo. The New York Comedy Night, 9:30pm @ The SoGymnase Comedy Club NYCN New This week, Sebastian Marx welcomes Pierre Gaspard, Arbi El Ayachi, Alex Van Walsum, David Azencot and D’yan Forest. Saturday The Great British American Comedy Night, 9:30pm @ The SoGymnase Comedy Club DSC_0445 This week’s host is Sarah Donnely, with sets from Tom Morton, Vanessa Starr, Adrien Arnoux and Chris Wong! Sunday A New Yorker in Paris, 6:30pm @ La Nouvelle Seine Sebastian Marx performs his one hour stand up show in which he explains the trials and tribulations of adapting to life in Paris.


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