February 16th-22nd

Tuesday French Fried Comedy Night, 9:15pm @ the Paname Art Café


Robert Hoehn hosts, with Fred Eyangoh, Tania Dutel, Urbain Courty, Catherine Collison, and headliner Sarah Donnelly.

Wednesday Carrsambar, 9:00pm @ Carr’s Irish PubFor the most diehard fans, this is the best place to see raw, unhinged and gut-punching comedy. It is a safe space for comedians who want to try fresh and never-heard-before material, work out the kinks or just get started in the business.

Friday The New York Comedy Night, 9:30pm @ The SoGymnase Comedy ClubNYCN NewThis week, Sebastian Marx welcomes Adrien Arnoux, Alex Van Walsum, Arsene T. Mwez, Noman Hosni and Marie Connelly.

Saturday The Great British American Comedy Night, 9:30pm @ The SoGymnase Comedy Club


This week’s host is Luke Thompson, with sets from Vanessa Starr, Charles Pellegrin, Khaldoun Hosni, Tom Morton and Sebastian Marx!

Sunday French Fried Open Mic, 4pm @ the Paname Art Café


The people who brought you French Fried Comedy Night on a Tuesday have added a second show, sunday afternoons at the Paname Art Café. Join host Robert Hoehn and comedians Vladimir Sillam, Catherine CollisonPoupak SepehriUrbain Courty and Adrien Arnoux.

A New Yorker in Paris, 6:30pm @ La Nouvelle SeineSebastian Marx performs his one hour stand up show in which he explains the trials and tribulations of adapting to life in Paris.


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